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Changing Ink Cartridge On Epson XP440 Printer

Carry out these simple steps on how to change ink cartridge on Epson XP 440 printer.

Epson XP440 Cartridge Replacement
  • You need to turn on your printer first. Go to the printer control panel.
  • Replace the existing ink cartridges only if you face poor printing quality issues or if your printer displays an error message on the LCD screen.
  • If you are replacing an expended ink cartridge, select it from the printer control panel and press the OK button followed by the Replace now option.
  • Else, press the Home button and select Setup  Maintenance  Ink Cartridge Replacement  OK.
  • Now, lift the top cover of the printer and remove the ink cartridge you want to replace without touching the print head. 
  • Shake the new cartridge pack gently before opening its cover.
  • Remove the yellow tape from the new ink cartridge.
  • Avoid touching the ink nozzle to prevent ink quality damages in the future.
  • Place the new ink cartridge in the holder and ensure that it is inserted correctly.
  • Finally, close the top cover of your printer.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Now, the print head moves automatically to its position, and the printer charges the new inks.
  • Wait until the ink charging is complete. This process will take around two minutes.
  • Make sure not to turn off the printer while the ink charging takes place.
  • After the printer displays the confirmation message that the ink charging is finished, press the OK button.
  • If you have difficulties in changing the ink cartridge or if you receive any error messages while performing the above steps, contact our technical team.
  • By using these steps Know how to replace ink cartridges on Epson XP 440 Printer.